Two of my clients were young female (25 and 35 years old) who diagnosed with liver cancer in 2002.

Their doctors ordered them for a liver transplant and placed them on the waiting list.

My clients with liver cancers were often in bed and fatigued. Whenever they drank, they would vomit.

I gave them 3 treatments.

  • First so they can drink water and eat soft food

  • Second, they can eat and got out of bed

  • Third, they were able to resume some daily activities outside of bed

Finally, I came to examine their pulse and gave them a total of 15 treatments for 45 days period at once.

After 15 concentrated treatments, their cancer cells were decreasing and there was no longer need for a liver transplant. I saw them again in February 2019 and they were cancer free since 2003.

Liver Transplant

The young man (37 years old) was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2003. He often had a nose bleeds and vertigo. His AST was 452 and ALT was 475; the tumor maker (alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)) was greater than 500 ng/mL. His RBC was 3.2 million, WBC was greater than 14000.

After two months of intensive treatments, my client’s cirrhosis reduced from 75% of the liver down to 1/3. I recent met him and his wife, both of them were well. He told me that he often went to test his liver function twice a year and the results were in his favor. It was a happy ending.