Vietnam is my motherland. I am proud to be and forever a Vietnamese! Even, this country was degrading by many people waho never stepped on the land and lived with the people for a moment! I was born and grew up in the war in the early ‘60. I witnessed the unintelligent way of life: the crying of the old women who lost their precious sons, one after another; the crying of the young women who lost their lovely husbands, one after another; the crying of the children who lost their fathers, their mothers in the fire of rage by the soldiers. Being a boy in the military family, I dreamed to be a warrior, not to kill people, especially the innocent children, young lovely women, young handsome and strong men, and the old "grandparents”, but to wept out the tears of them, to heal the wounds of poor and sufferings victims of war, and to bring real happiness to all in according with the law of karma and the light of Enlightenment Way. When I become a teenage, the Communists took over my mother land! I "escaped” my hometown to seek "justice for all” and "way to calm the sufferings of my people: the Vietnamese”. I believe that America was the country of opportunities and with a great constitution, which protects everyone equally under the law, and treats everyone "fair and just”, warranty of free-speech and many more. In addition, I hear that America has the best justice system in the world. I should learn and fulfill my dream from this land. Therefore, I arrived to America in 1981 with a great barrier: English language! However, I continued to believe that Americans were friendly, fair and just.I own my degree in Chemical Engineering, and working hard in the air pollution control field for more than nine years. My last position with the private firm was Principal Engineer. My work was recognized and I was awarded many times.

     While working in the air pollution control field, I also wrote and published several books in my mother tone. I am also translating, editing Buddhist texts. I had been involving with several litigations on behalf of others, myself and the United States of America. What I believed in the past and what I am facing now is totally different! My idol is collapsing! I have learned more than I expected! Oh when shall a way of escape from this trouble be made known, from deceit, unjust, and sufferings. I wish all children will have a peaceful life, a life without discrimination and ill-treatment from others like I had been facing since I got my degree. I also wish them to live in harmony with nature, the laws, and the deities, and treat others as if they treating me, respecting the old persons as their fathers, mothers, and treating the younger as their own brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, so they have a peaceful life and have no regret at the end of their lives.

A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward.
— Harvey Mackay